sourcingSOURCING: With extensive resources and relationships throughout the United States and Asia, and with decades of on the ground experience, Ardent Industries can help get your product manufactured in a timely, reliable, and cost-effective manner. Finding a manufacturing partner on the other side of the world can be challenging. Ardent has a team of people with ’boots on the ground’ to help evaluate and manage factory relationships.






product developmentPRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Ardent Industries has resources to assist with all product development needs including CAM/CAD renderings, rapid prototyping, mechanical and electrical engineering, quality and safety evaluation, and costing.








LOGISTICS: The business of global transportation of goods is rapidly becoming a major challenge due to numerous geopolitical influences and complications of seemingly routine commerce. With the background necessary to navigate you though these logistical nuances, Ardent Industries provides door-to-door delivery of your goods anywhere in the United States by a means most conducive to your business needs. From shipping to customs clearance and warehousing to inland freight, Ardent has you covered.






QUALITY CONTROL: Ardent Industries has full confidence in the quality and integrity of its’ consumer goods due to its multifaceted access to high-quality products and familiarity with supply chain management, as well as its’ ‘boots on the ground’ approach to sourcing and production. Utilizing Asia-based team members as well as third-party testing and inspection companies, we provide secure end-to-end service and delivery of superior products.